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Partnership Strategy


A growing young media company engaged Lahayim to refresh their brand, conduct research to determine the feasibility of introducing a new service line, and build a strategy to sustainably increase their volume of long-term, large-scale partnerships and projects.


We drew on our firm’s core values to map the type and quality of interactions that have taken place between our client-partner and their current and past customers. After creating and and distributing in-depth stakeholder surveys and conducting a series of in-depth interviews, we delivered detailed recommendations for forecasting, relationship management and strategic planning processes.

Through collaboration with our client-partner’s leadership team, a clear picture of opportunity areas for improvement to the company’s brand messaging and marketing plan emerged as strategic recommendations were researched and completed. This suite of deliverables was paired with data analytics infrastructure, trainings, vendor recommendations, and an executive coaching package for the CEO.


Our client-partner identified several opportunities to increase sales and expand their sales pipeline with targeted shifts in brand messaging toward ideal customer personas, as well as through strategic partnerships with regional human-centered design firms. By choosing to spotlight the exceptional quality of their core products and service delivery, their company solidified their position as a trusted resource for a growing number communities and stakeholders.