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National Community Development Initiative


Healthy Generations Project 

Community and Network Building
New Process Design

A data-driven community development initiative, originally funded by one visionary partner, sought support to upfit its brand and organizational messaging. The founder also needed guidance in creating a strategy to successfully diversify the organization’s funding streams and capitalize on national media attention and momentum for similarly-structured programs.


We developed a three-tiered strategy for the institution, allowing for a multidimensional approach and implementation plan. Through landscape analyses, we developed intended future states for both programming and curriculum design, as well as an implementation plan.

Leveraging best practices in digital media and marketing, we co-developed a new recurring revenue stream and suite of value-adding services the organization could provide to new stakeholder groups and showcase as evidence of organizational sustainability to legacy and prospective funders. We added additional value by packaging our recommendations for retooled service offerings with up-fitted brand messaging, a digital marketing implementation plan, pricing models, and strategic partnership recommendations.


Our client-partner started with strategy implementation right away and began to build out the both the recommended revenue-generating consulting arm for their organization, as well as expanded services for existing clients. After launching a series of new workshops and educational offerings, our client’s programs have set the standard for other leading agencies in their field.