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Soul Stirrers #1: The On Being Project


We are lucky to have such easy access to podcasts nowadays, yet the sheer quantity and variety of content can be overwhelming. If there’s one show we must recommend, however, it is most certainly Krista Tippett’s On Being.

In a nutshell, On Being pursues thoughtfully considered, deep-dive examinations of life’s subtleties, mysteries, principles, and wonders. Listening to Krista’s conversations with her guests is akin to a meditative experience: time slows down as one becomes gradually immersed into a space of calm and reflection.

On Being has since developed into a fully fledged media and public life initiative with the creation of their stunning website which houses audio archives, writings, and resources like the Civil Conversations Project. We are especially drawn to and find kinship in their six grounding virtues:

  1. WORDS THAT MATTER. Reimagining our choice of words and discovering magic in the language we use as we communicate with one another.

  2. GENEROUS LISTENING. Striving towards a deeper understanding through open ears and an open mind.

  3. ADVENTUROUS CIVILITY. Maintaining a common ground and honouring each other’s differences in light of potential disagreements and misconceptions.

  4. HUMILITY. It is in our self-interest to find a way to be very tender.

  5. PATIENCE. Transforming the societies in which we live is a practice in holding steady and maintaining hope.

  6. HOSPITALITY. Extending an invitation to others by welcoming them into a space of trust and warmth.

Now that your soul is properly stirred, let us leave you with a quote from Krista’s interview with Frances Kissling:

Change comes about at the margins. People in the center are not going to be the big change makers. You’ve got to put yourself at the margins and be willing to risk in order to make change. But more importantly, you have got to approach differences with this notion that there is good in the other. That’s it.