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A Toast: To New Years, and New Beginnings!


A warm hello to all, and welcome!

Let us re-introduce ourselves in case we haven’t met yet.

Lahayim Cooperative is a global family of actors and visionaries united by the desire to bring out the best in all of us. That includes you, me, and Dupree.

Our purpose as a consultancy - to achieve success through the betterment of our collective wellbeing - is driven by four core values:

  • INTEGRITY. In everything we undertake, we move forward by considering the long-term welfare of all parties involved over short-term returns. This, to us, is doing the right thing.

  • PASSION. Caring deeply about our work as well as the relationships we build provides us with the zest to pursue new possibilities in uncharted territories.

  • LIFELONG LEARNING. By questioning the world we live in and mapping its complexity for ourselves, we are constantly humbled and motivated to keep on learning.

  • JOY. Not to steal Marie Kondo’s thunder, but joy can be sparked through making thoughtful choices at an organizational level as well. We cultivate joy from within, and are always look for ways to share it with the people around us.

Guided by these principles, Lahayim is committed to championing diversity and equity through empowerment and inclusive decision-making. We are strengthened by our differences, and strive to foster deeper connections through them.

What does this look like in practice?

Here are some of our recent collaborations:

  • We built a growth strategy for and successfully scaled a leading-edge higher education initiative, seeding their innovative curriculum into over one hundred colleges, universities, and small business centres nationwide.

  • We developed a business and financial model for a growing agency that provides world-class STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) programming, coding classes, and robotics workshops to underrepresented youth.

  • We designed a workshop for a statewide environmental justice organization focused on identifying new funding streams, government partners and staffing models. By the end of the workshop, the staff had shared vulnerably about their greatest accomplishments, biggest opportunities for growth individually and collectively, and identified concrete actions each department head needed to own to take the organization to scale.

  • We led design sessions and improv games for a college leadership program that helped participants overcome three common challenges: disagreement, ambiguity, and being “stuck”. Participants co-designed solutions that created new ways of self-organizing, allowed them to re-conceive their group identity, and expanded their imagination of what was possible.

We’re eager to branch out even further in 2019.

If your company is ready to scale and needs a helping hand, get in touch! Together we’ll design resilient growth strategies that maximize social and traditional returns for all stakeholders. Much fun will be had, and rest assured there will be snacks.

Here’s to life’s journey and the discoveries we’ll make together along the way. LAHAYIM!

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