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Our client-partner sought support to create a strategic growth plan focused on lean and rapid scaling of a new initiative they were beta testing.


We adapted lean startup principles to conduct in-depth customer discovery interviews, building on preliminary conversations conducted by the founding team. Alongside these in-depth market research efforts, we implemented and tracked initial relationship management activities, and created a data and reporting framework that included key impact metrics, a tracking system, and recommendations of analytics tools, personnel needs, and hiring priorities.

As an added bonus to the client, we provided recommendations for the formation of an advisory council that could be leveraged to capitalize on interest from and engage industry thought leaders, as well as additional processes and programmatic mechanisms for converting skilled volunteer supports and deepening strategic partnerships to scale the initiative’s constituency.


Our client-partner was well-informed and resourced to follow through on a timely launch of its flagship educational initiative. After concluding and promoting a successful pilot, organizational leadership went on to make several key hires focused on scaling adoption, strengthening the product portfolio, and ensuring customer satisfaction and success.