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An emerging talent development firm was looking to penetrate the higher education and corporate L&D markets with two distinct new suites of services.


Our client-partner has several decades of leading experience in assessment delivery, leadership and management consulting. Facing unanticipated barriers to entry into both the education and corporate markets, they expressed interest in penetrating the market with better-defined offerings.

We tapped our vast network of institutional relationships and conducted interviews with dozens of thought leaders from a variety of higher education institutions, corporate HR and development teams, incubator and accelerator directors, and independent L&D consultants. From that deep research, we provided a landscape assessment, highlighted areas of strategic focus for both higher education and industry, and outlined several custom business and product development opportunities.


Our client successfully partnered with several leading public and private higher education institutions, while at once adapting its growth strategy to accommodate anticipated market shifts in mid-market and corporate learning and development priorities.