Lahayim Cooperative
Innovation. Ideation. Growth.

Our Approach

We're values-driven, people-centric, and future-focused.


Our Approach

Lahayim is a family of futurists and pragmatists, philosophers and producers - all dedicated to strengthening the collective wellbeing of our local, regional and global communities.

Decades of experience in change, growth and transformation led our team to articulate a set of core principles. These tenets motivate everything we do.


Integrity leads to long-termism, people-centrism and success.

Leaders work from and ground their organizations in an unwillingness to cut corners or choose complicity. Integrity is the foundation from which decisions are made and dynamics designed: a prerequisite for equitable, nurturing and purpose-driven working environments.


Passion creates conditions for flourishing.

Deep care about and for who and what we work with and do makes us better-resourced - both cognitively and creatively. Passion allows individuals and teams to see new possibilities, become more collaborative, and privilege decision-making that considers all affected parties over short-term returns.

Lifelong Learning.png

Lifelong learning is a permanent part of our process.

Innate love of learning can be honed to transcend ambition for ambition’s sake. Its focused application attracts, inspires and motivates us toward realizing our best work and selves.


Joy is a singular, often overlooked capability.

Joy (versus fleeting feelings or "happiness") can be learned and incorporated into organizational decision-making and design. Alongside long-termism, joy can translate beyond the achievement of growth goals and market-based successes - resulting in invaluable outcomes that are ends in themselves.